General Lodge History

Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess is the oldest lodge in Section W5A, originally chartered in 1933 with the Rio Grande Council. As originally established, the lodge was oriented toward service, aimed directly toward better campers and better camping. One of its chief purposes was to promote camping. Since then it has been associated with the Northern New Mexico Council, Kit Carson Council, Great Southwest Area Council and Great Southwest Council. In 1949 the Order of the Arrow was revived and requested to play a big part in future camp attendance. They served in projects such as furnishing help to preparing facilities for camps.

In 1958 the Lodge was associated with Kit Carson Council, and was composed of four chapters. The (Mescalero) Apache Chapter covered the inner tribal and San Juan Districts. The Souix Chapter covered the Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Taos Districts. The Ponil Chapter covered the Mesa, Fort Union, and Conchas Districts. The Lodge colors were red, blue, and yellow. At that time an ordeal candidate paid $1.50 for sash, handbook and patch.

As per the number, Lodge 66 was the 66th Order of the Arrow lodge chartered. It was originally in region 9, and was accidentally registered as "Yah-Tah-Ney-Si-Kess". This mistake remained in the official lodge charter until1962, when the name was officially changed to "Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess".

The lodge was primarily a service lodge until the mid 1960's when it began to participate in competitions with other lodges. The lodge membership was relatively small, averaging only 300-400 members, until the late 1970's when membership increased dramatically.

In 1978, Lenora Harlin was asked by the lodge advisor to serve as lodge recorder and has continued the role through the present. She started scouting in 1959 in the Council, first working with the Cub Scouts. She received the silver Fawn Award, along with two other women of the Kit Carson Council, for her work in Cub Scouts. In 1989 Lenora was elected into the order as the first woman of the lodge. In 1990 she became a Brotherhood member and in 1993 she was elected to Vigil Honor. In 2014, we said goodbye to a long time friend and Scouter when Lenora took the trail ahead of us.

In 1976 the Section Conclave was held in the lodge area of Glorietta, New Mexico. E. Urner Goodman was invited and attended as a guest. He was 83 years old and was on his way to board a cruise ship at the Panama Canal to celebrate his birthday. Eleven Lodges attended the Conclave.

In 1983 Lodge 66 re-chartered with 860 members. Currently the lodge has 734 members and is the largest Lodge in the section, both in membership and in area (over 80,000 sq. mi.).