Lodge Customs and Traditions

Much of the tradition unique to Lodge 66 involves traveling trophies or items passed from one lodge chief to the next. The current Lodge Chief maintains possession of a Sandpainting autographed by E. Urner Goodman, a peace pipe with a long history in the lodge, and most recently, a staff with the lodge totem, number, and names of all chapters carved onto it. In addition to these traveling items, the lodge chief receives a smaller, more personalized version of the staff at the end of his term.

Other traveling trophies include a giant trophy bearing a boy scout, which is passed to the chapter of the year, and another sandpainting which is passed to youth arrowman of the year.

Another tradition is that of giving Vigil Honor Members a Vigil Arrow at the time of their Vigil Ceremony as well as a copy of the Vigil Ceremony booklet signed by all active Vigil Honor Members.